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From Seljord, Telemarken, Norway. Civil War: Private. Taken prisoner. Died at Annapolis, Maryland. Sources: (Ulvestad p273)


WI Residence: Upper Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Sources: (“Coon Valley”, publ 1928 by Upper Coon Valley Norwegian Lutheran Church, Coon Valley, WI)

BREDY, Halvor A.

Residence: Oceana County, Michigan. From Lier prestegjeld, Drammen. Civil War: Private. Killed in the war. Sources: (Ulvestad p273)

BREKKE, Berge O.

See LEE, Berge O


IL 1st Arty Waterton’s Battery. Born 12 Jan 1837 in Norway. Civil War: Age 24. Entered service in 1861. Private. Taken prisoner in 1862 at Pittsburg Landing and when he was released he was discharged in 1865. Post war: Died at age 85 in 1909 at Colton, South Dakota. Buried at Minnehaha Cemetery, in Colton, lot 96, block 2, grave 6. Sources: (SDSHS WPA Veterans Cemetery Records, Minnehaha County) “Brekke, Nels”


WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Civil War: Age 22. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 8 Oct 1861 at Chicago. Mustered 15 Nov 1861 in Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Absent sick in hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since 25 Sep 1863. Absent sick in Knoxville, Tennessee, since 24 Jan 1864; and again on 20 Jul 1864. Mustered out with the company at Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 20 Dec 1864. Sources: (WHS red book vol 20, p14; blue book vol 20, p12) (Buslett p347) (Ager p291) (Ulvestad p273) “Brekkan, Peter”

BRENDEN, Halvor O.

WI 15th Inf Co E. Residence: York, Green County, Wisconsin. Born 21 Mar 1835 in Brenden in Torpa, Hedalen, Valders, Norway. Civil War: Age 24. Unmarried. Farmer. Brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for three years on 17 Dec 1861 in Iowa County, Wisconsin. Enlistment credited to Iowa County. Mustered 1 Jan 1862 at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Left sick in hospital at Iuka, Mississippi, 20 Aug 1862. Assigned as an escort with the provision transport from Stevenson, Alabama, 13 Oct 1863. Sick in Chattanooga 28 Nov 1863. Also sick again at Stevenson, Alabama, 31 Dec 1863. Was said to have been in 27 battles. Wounded. Mustered out with Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 20 Dec 1864. Post war: Married on 14 Oct 1866 to Joran Haugen. Ten children. Halvor Brenden died 6 Apr 1912 in Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-7; red book vol 20, p72) (Buslett p472) (Ager p303) (TAR) (Letter to Minneapolis Norwegian Language Newspaper, 1892, signed A.K.Brenden, Bend Oregon) (Oudenstad p120) (Ulvestad p273) (Eugene Olswold, Rochester, Minnesota; photo) (Unidentified family group sheet)

BRENDEN, Johannes

WI Born in Torpa, Hedalen, Valders, Norway. Civil War: Believed to have fallen in the war. Sources: (Oudenstad p120)

BRENDUM, Hendrick N.

WI 47th Inf Co D. Residence: Helvetia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Enlistment credited to Harmony, Rock County. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 35. Married. Blue eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 6’. Enlisted for one year on 31 Jan 1865 at Scandinavia, Wisconsin. Mustered 10 Feb 1865 at Madison, Wisconsin. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 188-5; red book vol 52)


WI 22nd Inf Co G. Residence: Wiota Township, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Born “Hovel Johannesen Brænnum” on 20 Jan 1844 at Nordre Land, Oppland, Norway, son of Johannes Hovelsen Brænnum and Ingeborg Hovelsdatter Ovre Hasli. Came to America with his parents and two sisters on “Fremad”, sailing from Drammen and reaching New York on 25 Aug 1848. They came to Wiota Towmship. Civil War: Private. Said to have been wounded during General Sherman's march to the sea. Post war: Became a farmer in Gratiot Township, Lafayette County. Married Anne (1840-1920). Died 4 Sep 1896 at Gratiot. Buried at West Wiota, Woodford, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p273) (Wisconsin Cemetery Records) (Oudenstad p120) (Naeseth ’48-1385) (Hedberg) “Brenum, Havel J.”

BRENUM, Johannes

From Nordre Land, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Lafayette, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p273)


IL 36th Inf Co F. Born “Ole Olsen Breivik” on 2 Apr 1838 at Vestersjoe farm, in Rogaland, Norway, a son of Ola Paulsen Breivik and Live Olsdatter. He came to America by way of Stavanger in 1855. Civil War: Corporal. Believed to have been killed in December 1861. He and his parents, who came to America in 1867, are buried in Fox River, Norway, Illinois. Sources: (Wisconsin Cemetery Records) (Hedberg) (E-mail, Bjarne Jørmaland, Tanager, Stavanger, Norway)