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TX CSA. Born “Gjeruld Kittelsen Grimeland” on 12 Oct 1844 at Amli, Norway. Civil War: One of five brothers to serve in Confederate forces. Post war: Died 23 Aug 1875 in Bosque County, Texas. Sources: (


TX 11th Inf Co E. CSA. Born “Gunsten Kittelsen Grimeland” on 29 Apr 1836 at Emli, Norway. Civil War: Enlisted for the war during 1863. Assigned to work as a gunsmith in the armory at Tyler, Texas, throughout the war. Post war: Died on 24 May 1925 in Bosque County, Texas. Sources: (


TX 11th Inf Co E. CSA. Born “Niels Kittelsen Grimeland” on 4 Oct 1839 at Emli, Norway. Civil War: Enlisted for one years on 6 Feb 1862 at Canton, Texas. Private. Served as a hospital cook in the Confederate General Hospital in Tyler, Texas, from 4 May to 4 Jun 1862. Promoted to Sergeant on 12 Feb 1863. Records through Feb 1864 list him as Sergeant. A record dated Apr 1865 lists him as Private. Served as a regimental teamster from 19 Dec 1864 until Apr 1865. Post war: Died 20 Jan 1924 in Bosque County, Texas. Sergeant. Sources: ("Norwegian Soldiers in Confederate Forces" by C.A.Clausen & Derwood Johnson, publ. in Norwegian-American Studies, volume 25, Northfield, Minnesota. p114) (


TX 11th Inf Co E. CSA. Born “Ole Kittelsen Grimeland” on 14 Dec 1841 at Emli, Norway. Civil War: Enlisted for the war in 1863. He had previously served about 18 months in an armory at Mound Prairie. Private. He was assigned to work as a gunsmith in the armory at Tyler, Texas, and served there throughout the war. Post war: He died on 17 Dec 1920 in Lampasas County, Texas and was buried in Oak Hill cemetery. Sources: (


TX CSA. Born “Jorgen Kittelsen Grimeland” on 11 Mar 1833 in Amli, Norway. Civil War: Served as a gunsmith at Mound Prairie Armory. Post war: Died 4 Oct 1915 in Clifton, Bosque County, Texas. Sources: (


See OLSON, Ole


WI 42nd Inf Co A. Residence: Scandinavia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Married. Age 23. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’9”. Enlisted for one year on 24 Aug 1864 at Waupaca, Wisconsin. Mustered 1 Sep 1864 at Madison, Wisconsin. Bounty $100. Private. Mustered out 20 Jun 1865. “Has served in the Prussian Heavy Artillery.” Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 176-2,14; red book vol 47)


WI 15th Inf Co K. Residence: Bath township, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Born on Grinager Farm, Tingelstad Parish, Hadeland, Norway, on 7 Oct 1832, to Hans Pedersen Grinager and his wife Marthe. He came to America from Brandbu, Hadeland, in 1853 and worked on a farm owned by an American. He later went to Decorah, Winneshiek County Iowa, where he worked in a mercantile business for about three years. In 1859, he moved to Freeborn County and became a farmer. He married Anna Egge, daughter of Anders Egge, on 7 Jun 1856. Civil War: Age 29. Grinager volunteered and was commissioned a Captain at Madison, Wisconsin, on 30 Jan 1862. He organized Company K, enrolling men from Manchester, Hartland, Bath and Freeborn townships of Freeborn County. He was mustered at Madison on 11 Feb 1862. In the battle of Stone’s River, Tennessee, his company had been scattered by enemy fire. He was wounded in a leg but stayed to put his company in order before seeking medical aid. He was sent to a hospital in nearby Murfreesboro, which was the next day overrun by enemy soldiers. Grinager remained their prisoner for five days until the Confederate troops were forced to flee. He avoided being taken away with the other prisoners by crawling into an out-of-the-way hiding place. On sick leave for 20 days, 23 Jan 1863. Worked as a recruiter in November 1863. Mustered out with K Company, 10 Feb 1865, at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Post war: He returned to farming in Freeborn County, where he became well-to-do, owning several farms. He also became a banker. A veteran by this name, living in Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, was granted a pension of $15 a month because of a wound to his left leg. He died in 1889 in Minneapolis. His wife, Anne Egge, died about 1910. One son, Alexander Grinager, became known for his oil paintings. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-12; red book vol 20 p140) (Buslett p614 photo) (Ulvestad p253) (Ager p190 photo; p316) ("History of the Scandinavians in the United States", by O. N. Nelson. Publ. Minneapolis, 1893. p410) (FCHS) (Lonn) (Pensioners on the Roll as of January 1, 1883, living in Minnesota, publ. 1994, Park Genealogical Books, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota) (Quiner p 626) “Greenager, Mons”

GRINDE, Martin

WI 12th Inf. Civil War: Private. Lived at Perry, Wisconsin. Post war: Buried at Perry, Daleyville, Wisconsin; stone reads “1842 – 1913”. Sources: (Ulvestad p284) (Wisconsin Cemetery Records) (Hedberg) “Grinder, Martin O”

GRINDEDAL, Anfin Hansen

From Sogn, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Evansville, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p284)


IA 9th Cav Co F. Residence: Highland Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa. Born 3 May 1846 in Voss, Norway, a son of Lars and Cecilia Grindeland. Came to America while a boy with his mother and settled in Highland Township. Civil War: Private. He was a cavalryman in the war. Discharged in February 1866. Post war: Married Ingeborg Stoen on 22 Jun 1870. Twelve children. Lived in Highland Township, south of Spring Grove, Minnesota. Died 10 Feb 1933 at his farm home. Sources: (DGA obituary files) (Ulvestad p284)

GRINDER, Hans Olson

See OLSON, Hans