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KAHRS, Ditmar

US Navy. Born 27 May 1842 in Norway. Civil War: “Served 26 years in the American Navy.” Post war: He became a farmer in Iowa for 15 years; then a businessman and bank teller. Sources: (Letter, Alma Lilleskare, Edmonds, Washington)

KAHRS, Gabriel H.

WI 3rd Inf Co K. Residence: Windsor, Dane County, Wisconsin. Born 21 Dec 1839 in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 21. Blue eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5’9”. Enlisted for three years on 21 Apr 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Mustered 29 Jun 1861 at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Private. Killed in action on 3 May 1863 at Chancellorsville, Virginia. Sources: (WHS red book vol 9 p200) (Kennedy, James B. Wisconsin Civil War name index) (WLCW p13) (Love p1060) (Quiner p 489) (Letter, Alma Lilleskare, Edmonds, Washington)