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LAUBORG, Albert W.

IL 33rd Co B. Residence: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 28. Farmer. Blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion, 5’8”. Enlisted for three years on 8 Dec 1863 at Chicago and mustered at Camp Yates the same day. Private. “Never reported to the Company”. Sources: (ILSA reel three p 15)


From Nummedal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Houston, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p305)


From Nummedal, Norway. Civil War: Corporal. Post war: In 1907, he was living in Rushford, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p264)

LAUGEN, Ole Knudsen

IL 55th Inf Co C. Residence: Norse, Bosque County, Texas. From Rollag, Nummedal, Norway. Civil War: Enrolled July 1861. Private. Discharged July 1864. Sources: (Ulvestad p305) (Bosque County 1890 Veterans Census, submitted by Darwood Johnson, Waco TX)

LAUNSON, Gustave

IL 36th Inf Co I. Residence: Big Spring, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 41. Farmer. Dark eyes, light hair, florid complexion, 5’5”. Enrolled for one year on 24 Sep 1864 at Jacksonville and mustered there on 19 Oct 1864. Private. Discharged 13 Jul 1865. Sources: (ILSA reel three p 88)