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NOR, Andreas Olsen

From Vardal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Wounded. Post war: Died in Tamarack, Wisconsin, (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NORBA, Jorgen J.

WI 47th Inf Co D. Residence: Scandinavia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Born in Torrisdal, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 37. Married. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’8”. Enlisted for one year on 31 Jan 1865 at Scandinavia. Mustered 10 Feb 1865 at Madison, Wisconsin. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. Post war: Stone reading “Nordby, Jorgen J” is in Scandinavia Lutheran Cemetery Sect. II Row 11, Scandinavia. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 188-5; red book vol 52) (Ulvestad p314) (USGenWeb Archives by Geraldine Trinrud “Norbo, Jergen” “Nordbu, Jorgen” “Norbu, Jorgen” “Nordby, Jorgen”


NY 1st Inf Co I. Residence: Brooklyn, New York. Civil War: Private. Sources: (Rygg p47)


IL 44th Inf Co B. Born 5 Mar 1827 in Norway. Civil War: Sailor. Age 35. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for one year on 6 Oct 1864 at Joliet, Illinois, as a substitute for John Haugan. Mustered there the same day. Private. Mustered out 25 Sep 1865 at Camp Irwin (?), Texas. Post war: Died 6 Jun 1909. Name on tombstone in Millington-Newark, Kendall County, Illinois, is “Norbey, Ole A”. Sources: (ILSA reel 4 p61) (VGC)



NORD, Solomon

MN Hv Arty 1st Reg Co M. Residence not shown. Born 24 Nov 1830 in Smaland, Norway; military records list Sweden. Civil War: Age 34. Enrolled 6 Feb 1865. Mustered 18 Feb 1865. Private. Promoted to Corporal, 27 Feb 1865. Discharged from the service with the Company, 27 Sep 1865. Post war: Died of apoplexy at age 57 on 7 Mar 1887 at Bruce, South Dakota, and is buried in Hillside Cemetery at Volga, South Dakota. Widow Anne Christine Carlson. Sources: (MINN p622) (MCIW p638) (Ulvestad p264) (SDSHS, WPA Veterans Graves Registration, Brookings County) “Nord, Salomon” “Nord, Solomon Garan”

NORDBOE, Jacob Jacobsen

WI 27th Inf Co H. Residence: Perry, Dane County, Wisconsin. Born in Nissedal, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 22. Blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion, 6’, stout build. Enlisted for three years on 15 Aug 1862 at Christiania, Wisconsin. Mustered 25 Oct 1862 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Promoted Corporal 26 Jan 1863. Left sick at Helena, Arkansas, 13 Aug 1863. Died of disease there on 16 Aug 1863. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 129-10,19; 130-10, 131-4; red book vol 32) “Nordbo, Jacob”


From Eidsberg, Norway. Spanish-American War: Private. Lived at Fort Warren, Washington. Still in the army in 1907. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NORDBY, Jorgen

See NORBA, Jorgen


From Valders, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Buena Vista County, Iowa, (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NORDBY, Ole Oleson

WI 12th Inf Co K. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 21. Unmarried. Blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’10”. Enrolled for one year on 15 Oct 1864 at Janesville, Wisconsin, as a substitute for Knud Oleson (surname unreadable; may be Moen) of Vermont Township, Dane County, Wisconsin. Mustered the same day. Private. Joined the 12th Regiment at Goldsboro, North Carolina. “Was never in an engagement.” Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 58-13; red book vol 17, p180) “Norby, Ole”


WI 15th Inf Co B. Residence: Cambridge, Wisconsin. Civil War: Age 34. Married. Enlisted for three years on 10 Oct 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 16 Nov 1861. Sergeant. Left behind at Iuka, Mississippi, 21 Aug 1862, because of illness. He ran off the same day, but was found and given a discharge from the service for disease at Jackson, Tennessee, on 29 Oct 1862. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-4; red book vol 20 p 34) (Buslett p393) (Ulvestad p260) (Ager p296) (RWV p809) “Norby, Ole” “Norbye, Ole”

NORDE, Martin J.

WI 15th Inf Co I. Residence: Scandinavia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Born at Nyflodt, Ringebu, Norway, about 1842, the son of Johans Mortensen Nyflodt. Affectionately called “Lillemorten”. Civil War: Age 19. Enlisted for three years on 20 Nov 1861 at Scandinavia and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, 20 Dec 1861. Private. Was with the provisions transport from Stevenson, Alabama, in October 1863. Was sent on recruiting duty on 21 Nov 1863. Promoted to Sergeant of Ordnance (orderly?) on 1 Jan 1865. Promoted to First Sergeant on 1 Jan 1865. Mustered out 10 Feb 1865. Post war: Norde became a successful businessman in Alexandria, Minnesota. He died there. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-11; red book vol 20 p126) (DCHS 1890 Veterans Census card file) (Buslett p602 photo) (Meeker) (Ager p154, photo; p315) (Ulvestad p260) (Gjertveit) “Nordre, Martin” “Nordre, Morten” “Jensson, Morten”


See OLSEN, Johan Christian


MI 15th Inf Co ?. Born “Halvor Gjermundsen Nordgaarden” on 25 Jan 1840 at Seljord, Norway. Came to America with his parents and a brother,Tollef, on “Lorena”, which sailed from Havre, France, and arrived in New York on 17 Jul 1843. They came to Muskego, Racine County, Wisconsin. In 1849, they moved to Brown Township, Manistee County, Michigan. Civil War: Post war: He was married in Milwaukee, Wisonsin, on 29 Sep 1867 to Margaret Wilson (?-1924). Ten children. Halvor died 23 Apr 1887. Sources: (Naeseth ’43-544)


From Seljord, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Goodhue County, Minnesota. Died in 1880. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)


See OLSON, Tideman

NORDHEM, Jetlee B.

US 16th Inf, 1st Battalion, Co H. Residence: Long Prairie, Illinois. Born in Voss, Norway, 6 Jun 1841, a son of Bryngel Nordhem and Ingeborg Saue. Came to America in 1859. Civil War: Sources: (VGC, Skandinaven, Jun 1919)


Spanish-American War: Private. Post war: Died in Stoughton, Wisconsin, (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NORDRE, Martin

See NORDE, Martin


US Army Scout 1876. Born in Trysil, Hedmark, Norway, a son of Ole Halvorsen Strandvold and Gullaug Sletten. Said to be the first homesteader west of the Missouri River in North Dakota. Helped establish the town of Mandan. Indian War: Hired to escort an army unit in pursuit of Chief Sitting Bull following the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He led the unit across the river to the battlefield where they found the corpses of General Custer and his 365 officers and men. Nordstrom had to return to Fort Lincoln in North Dakota to get paid for his services as a scout and while he waited for his money to come from Washington DC he rode out to find the land he wished to homestead. Post war: Married Maria Olsdatter Strandvold (sic). Eventually they moved to Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Chris died 6 Jan 1918. Sources: (History of Quatsino Colony” by George Nordstrom, c 1935, son of Chris Nordstrom. Book in possession of Tulla Kahl Froyen) “Nordstrom, Christian”


US Navy. Born 24 May 1876 at Goteborg, Sweden. No War: Enlisted from New York. Seaman. Promoted to Chief Boatswain. Awarded the Medal of Honor for gallant conduct upon the occasion of the disastrous fire of accidentally ignited powder charges, which occurred in the forward turret of the U.S.S. Kearsage during target practice on 13 Apr 1906. Chief Boatswain Nordstrom, then chief boatswain’s mate, was among the first to enter the turret to assist in bringing out the injured. Sources: (“America’s Medal of Honor Recipients”. Publ. 1977, pp 401, 1018)


CSS Alabama. CSA. Born in Norway (Sweden?). Civil War: Able Seaman. Killed in action off Cherbourg, France, 19 Jun 1864. Sources: (


From Telemarken, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Whalan, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NOREM, Jonas

WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Civil War: Unmarried. Age 27. Enlisted for three years on 9 Oct 1861 at Chicago. Mustered 15 Nov 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Taken prisoner at La Vergne, Tennessee, 29 Dec 1862. Exchanged on 29 Jun 1863. Assigned to Division Quartermaster supply train on 17 Jan 1864. On detached service in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 5 Oct 1864. Discharged from the service from there on 20 Dec 1864. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-3; red book vol 20 p 20) (Buslett p363) (Ager p293) (Ulvestad p314) (Meeker)

NORENE, Nelson P.

IL 17th Inf Co E. Residence: Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 27. Farmer. Unmarried. Gray eyes, white hair, light complexion, 5’8¾”. Enlisted for three years on 25 May 1861 at Peoria, Illinois, and mustered there the same day. Corporal. Sources: (ILSA reel two p 19) [Uncertain of spelling of surname due handwriting]


From Telemarken, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Griggs County, North Dakota, (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p314)

NORGARD, Grover P.

US Navy. Born 16 Nov 1839 in Denmark. Civil War: Age 22. Entered the service on 8 Jun 1861. Seaman. Served on the Frigate Kvanske. Discharged 12 Sep 1862. Post war: Died at age 62 on 28 Nov 1901 at Canton, South Dakota, of stomach troubles. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery at Canton, lot 45, block 6, grave 6. Sources: (SDSHS WPA Veterans Cemetery Records, Lincoln County)


MN 10th Inf Co D. Born in Norway, about 1827. Civil War: Age 35. Enrolled Aug 1862. Private. Promoted to Sergeant. Discharged 20 Oct 1864. Post war: Moved from Minnesota to Cooperstown, Griggs County, North Dakota, Aug 1881. Died Feb 1903. Sources: (1885 Census, Dakota Territory) (1890 Veterans and Widows Census, North Dakota, No.123, roll 59) “Norgood, S. K.”


WI 27th Inf Co D. Residence: Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 30. Sailor. Hazel eyes, auburn hair, light complexion, 5’7½”. Enlisted for three years on 21 Aug 1862 at Manitowoc Rapids. Mustered 23 Oct 1862 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Private. Mustered out 29 Aug 1865. Sources: (WHS red book vol 32)


LA 8th Inf CoD. CSA. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Enlisted 19 Jun 1861 at Camp Moore, Louisiana. Private. Discharged 1865. Sources: (


US Army. 120th Inf. Born 6 Nov 1890 in Sundborn, Dalarne, Sweden, son of Carl and Mathilda Norman. First World War: Age 27. Enrolled 28 May 1918 at Elgin, Illinois. Private. Served in Europe with the 30th Division from 22 Jul 1918 to 13 Apr 1919. Discharged from the service 22 Apr 1919 at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Post war: Died accidentally at age 33 on 7 Sep 1924 at St. Cloud, Minnesota. Buried in Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, South Dakota. Sources: (SDSHS, WPA Veterans Graves Registration, Clay County)

NORMAN, Mathias

From Fald, Sondre Land, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Cream, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)


From Vossestranden, Norway. Civil War: Private. Served in Indian and Civil wars. Post war: Lived at Wild Rice, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)


From Roraas, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Heiberg, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p314)


WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Civil War: Age 22. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 9 Oct 1861 at Chicago. Mustered 15 Nov 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Died of disease in Bowling Green, Kentucky, 22 Nov 1862. Buried in Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee; section N, grave 480. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-3, 77-8; red book vol 20 p 20) (Buslett p363) (Ulvestad p314) (Ager p293)

NORSTELIEN, Hans Swensen

From Nordre Land, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Gratiot, Wisconsin, (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p315)

NORTON, Alonzo B.

TX 5th Inf Co F. CSA. Born about 1840 in Norway. Civil War: Enlisted for the war on 10 Aug 1861 at Harrisburg. The Regiment was mustered on 1 Oct 1861 near Richmond, Viurginia. Private. Sick in camp during Nov and Dec 1861. Died of pneumonia on 5 Feb 1862 at Camp Neabsco, near Dumfries, Virginia. Sources: (

NORTON, Christopher

See NESTON, Christopher

NORWICK, Goodman

US Army. Residence: South Dakota. Born “Gudmund Joakim Naavik” on 25 Jan 1892 at Frosta, Nord Trondelag, Norway, a son of Kristian Granstad and Guru Anna Froestad (who never married; Kristian came to America, Guru stayed in Norway.). First World War: Enlisted 1917. Served in Europe from early January 1918 until the war’s end. Post war: Married in 1922 to Anna Mellon, also an immigrant from Norway. Six children. Farmed near Northgate, North Dakota. Sources: (Rootsweb Odd-Steinar