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MN 2nd Cav Co E. Civil War: Residence: Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota. Born in Norway. Age 29. Enrolled 19 Dec 1863. Mustered 31 Dec 1863. Private. Served in Indian and Civil wars. Discharged from the service with his company, 2 Dec 1865. Sources: (MINN p727) (MCIW p559)


WI 52nd Inf Co D. Residence: Marquette, Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Born 1820 in Valders, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 39. Hazel eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for one year on 25 Feb 1865 at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Mustered 22 Mar 1865 at Madison, Wisconsin. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. Mustered out with his company on 28 Jul 1865 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Post war: Lived in Battle Lake, Otter Tail County, Minnesota. Died 1909. Buried in Trefoldighed Cemetery, Clitheral, Otter Tail County. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 200-5,18) (Ulvestad p325) (Otter Tail County Historical Society) “Rolandson, Andrew”

ROLF, Andis

IL 23rd Inf Co D. Residence: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 18. Farmer. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for three years on 4 Dec 1861 at Leland, Illinois, and mustered on 14 May 1862 at Chicago. Private. Re-enlisted for three years at Greenland, Virginia, on 18 Mar 1864 and mustered at Burlington, Virginia, on 7 Apr 1864. Private. Sources: (ILSA reel two p 22, 24

ROLF, John A.

IL 33rd Inf Co H. Residence: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 35. Laborer. Blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for three years on 24 Dec 1863 at Chicago and mustered there on 1 Jan 1864. Private. Recruit transferred here from IL 72nd Inf on 17 Jul 1865. Never reported to this company. “Prisoner of war”. Sources: (ILSA reel three p 50)


WI 15th Inf Co C. Residence: Norway Township, Racine County, Wisconsin. Born 9 Feb 1841 near Christiana, Norway. Came to America about 1850. Civil War: Age 22. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 14 Dec 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 1 Jan 1862. Private. Left behind because of illness in Manchester, Tennessee, on 1 Jul 1863. Missing in the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia. Mustered out with C Company on 1 Jan 1865 at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Post war: Lived at Lake Denoon, Racine County. Died 7 Jan 1936. Buried at Muskego, Wisconsin. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-5; red book vol 20 p 48) (Buslett p428) (Ager p299) (Ulvestad p325) (Meeker) (Photocopy of a newspaper feature story, signed “F.D.M.” and dated 22 Jan 1933, paper unidentified.) (Hedberg) “Rolfson, Louis” “Rolfsen, Louis”


From Slemdal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Pine Lake, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p325)

ROLL, Henry

NY 1st Inf Co I. Residence: Brooklyn, New York. Civil War: Private. Sources: (Rygg p47)


MN Hv Arty 1st Reg Co F. Residence: Mankato, Minnesota. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 38. Enrolled 28 Jan 1865. Mustered 4 Feb 1865. Private. Discharged from the service on order from the War Department, 23 Aug 1865. Sources: (MINN p595) (MCIW p626)


Residence: Stoughton, Wisconsin. Spanish-American War: Captain. Sources: (Ulvestad p256)