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ROSE, Albert

IL 17th Inf Co E. Residence: Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 20. Farmer. Unmarried. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 6’. Enlisted for three years on 25 May 1861. Private. Sources: (ILSA reel two p 22)

ROSE, Peter

IL 12th Inf Co D. Residence: Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 29. Farmer. Unmarried. Gray eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’9”. Enlisted for three years on 23 Jul 1861. Private. Re-enlisted for three years on 1 Jan 1864 at Richmond, Tennessee, and mustered 13 Jan 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee. Mustered out as a Sergeant on 10 Jul 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Sources: (ILSA reel one p84)

ROSECRANS, William Stark

US. Descendant of Herman Hendricksen of Bergen, Norway. Herman Hendricksen was known to have married Magdalena Dircks in New York in 1657. In 1659, they moved to Esopus, New York, where Hendricksen was taken prisoner by Indians, but managed to escape. He died in Rochester, New York, in 1697. William Stark Rosecrans was born in Ohio in 1819. Civil War: General. Commander of the Army of the Cumberland. Colonel Heg and the Wisconsin 15th served under Rosecrans at Chickamauga. Post war: He served as Minister to Mexico, Congressman from California and Register of the Treasury under President Cleveland. Sources: (Rygg p53) [Photo at Vesterheim, Decorah IA]


WI 15th Inf Co I. Residence: Stockholm, Pepin County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Age 32. Married. Enlisted for three years on 5 Dec 1861 at Stockholm and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, 20 Dec 1861. Private. Sergeant. Was acting Sergeant Major at Mississippi River Island No. 10, during March, April and May, 1863. Assigned as steward in Contraband Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, in June 1863. Discharged from the service from there on 12 Nov 1864, because of deafness. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-11; red book vol 20 p126) (Buslett p607)


MN Mounted Rangers, 1st Regiment, Co A. Residence: Spring Grove, Houston County, Minnesota. Born 18 Oct 1838 in Hadeland, Hamar Parish, Norway. Came to America in 1854. Indian War: Age 24. Enrolled 9 Oct 1862. Mustered the same day. Private. Promoted to Corporal. Discharged from the service with his company, 20 Oct 1863. Two years later, on 15 Feb 1865, he enlisted in the MN Heavy Artillery, Co L. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service with his company on 27 Sep 1865. Post war: He settled at Spring Grove. Elected twice to the Minnesota Legislature. Held various Houston County offices. Married in 1869 to Gunhilde Brubraaten. Seven children. Died in Spring Grove, in 1880. Sources: (MINN p617,636) (MCIW p526,636) (Ulvestad p265) ("History of the Scandinavians in the United States" by O. N. Nelson, Publ. in Minneapolis, 1893. p571) (“Spring Grove, Minnesota’s First Norwegian Settlement” by Chad Muller, publ by Arcadia Publishing, Chicago IL; p19)


MN Indian War: "Citizen Soldiers engaged in the Sioux Indian war of 1862". The Scandinavian Guards, organized in Nicollet County, 27 Aug 1862, and who served 21 days. Private. Sources: (MCIW p807).


WI 6th Inf Co B. Residence: Utica, Crawford County, Wisconsin. Born in Heggebostad, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Married. Age 43. Blue eyes, brown hair, florid complexion, 5’9”. Drafted. Enrolled for one year on 30 Sep 1864 at Utica and mustered that same day at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Private. Joined Company B on 5 Dec 1864. Took part in the battles of Gravely Run, Virginia, 31 Mar 1865, and of Five Forks, Virginia, 1-2 Apr 1865. He was at the surrender of General Lee’s army 9 Apr 1865. Discharged from the service 8 Jun 1865 at Washington DC. Post war: Lived at Rising Sun, Wisconsin. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 27-13; red book vol 11 p48) (Ulvestad p325) (Larsen) “Rossevand, Ole”

ROSS, Charles

IL 8th Inf Co I. Residence: Oxford, Henry County, Illinois. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Laborer. Age 43. Blue eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5’9½”. Enlisted for one year on 12 Oct 1864 at Peoria, Illinois, and mustered there the same day. Private. Discharged 25 Sep 1865 at New Orleans, in accordance with a telegram from the War Department, dated 4 May 1865. Sources: (ILSA reel one p 121)



ROSSING, Christian

From Lands Prestegjeld, Norway. Civil War: Corporal. Post war: In 1907, he was living in Bode, Iowa. Sources: (Ulvestad p265)


Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Dane County, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p235)


WI 15th Inf Co B. Residence: Christiana, Dane County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Age 49. Married. Enlisted for three years on 13 Nov 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 20 Nov 1861. Private. Sick in Bowling Green, Kentucky, 4 Nov 1862. Was assigned military police duty with the brigade on 12th and 17th of June, 1863. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corp 11 Sep 1863. Rossing was discharged from the service from Bowling Green for disability on 9 Jan 1864. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-4; red book vol 20 p36) (Buslett p397) (Ager p297) (RWV p809) “Rossing, Harder”

ROSSING, Torkild A.

WI 15th Inf Co E. Residence: Wiota, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Born at the Rossing farm, Land Parish, in Norway, in 1840. Came to America with his parents in 1857. His father, Andreas Olson, started a farm. Torkild, however, worked for other farmers. For a couple years before the war, he attended a school in Warren, Illinois. Civil War: Age 22. Unmarried. Torkild Rossing enlisted for three years on 4 Oct 1861 at Wiota. Mustered on 11 Dec 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Designated a Sergeant. Promoted to Sergeant Major on 1 Jul 1862, and transferred to the Regiment’s Non-commissioned staff. Commissioned First Lieutenant at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on 16 Jan 1863 with rank from 3 Sep 1862. Detached on recruiting service 18 Dec 1863. Promoted to Captain at Powers Ferry, Georgia, and given command of Company E on 1 May 1864, with rank from 7 April, to succeed Captain Henry Hauff, who had been killed in action. Honorably discharged from the service at Chattanooga, Tennessee, on 20 Dec 1864. Post war: He lived in Argyle, Wisconsin. Later moved to Lotts Creek, Iowa, where he was a farmer. In 1886, he was living in Bode, Iowa. He died there in 1893. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 76-7, 78-1; red book vol 20 p 4,70) (TAR) (Buslett p464 photo) (Ulvestad p256) (Ager p270, photo; p303) (XSS Iowa p705)


WI 15th Inf Co E. Residence: Argyle, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Born 1839 in Nord Fron, Norway. Civil War: Age 22. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 15 Nov 1861 in Lafayette County. Mustered 8 Dec 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Left sick in hospital at Nashville on 26 Nov and 26 Dec 1862. Returned late April. Left sick in hospital at Tullahooma, Tennessee, on 1 Jul 1863. Mortally wounded and missing in Battle near New Hope Church, Georgia, 27 May 1864. Said to have been taken prisoner and died soon after. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-7; red book vol 20 p78) (TAR) (Buslett p491) (Ulvestad p325) (Ager p305) (Gjertveit) (Hedberg) “Rosum, Mads”

ROST, Nils

See RUST, Nils


From Hadeland, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Tansem, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p325)


From Tolgen, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died at Comstack, Wisconsin (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p325)