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RUSE, Andrew

MN 11th Inf Co A. Residence not shown. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 44. Enrolled 24 Aug 1864. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service with his regiment, 26 Jun 1865. Sources: (MINN p501) (MCIW p493)

RUSS, Claus C.

IA 2nd Cav Co L. Residence: Clinton County, Iowa. Born in Denmark. Civil War: Age 25. Enlisted 24 Aug 1861. Mustered 2 Sep 1861. Private. Mustered out on 3 Oct 1864 at Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service. Sources: (ISW-IV cd p159)


WI 15th Inf Co I. Residence: East Randolph, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Born in Denmark. Civil War: Age 38. Married. Enlisted for three years on 10 Nov 1861 at Waterford, Wisconsin. Mustered 2 Dec 1861 at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Assigned to Company C. Immediately reassigned to Company I on 2 Dec 1861 on orders from Colonel Heg. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 6 Feb 1862 and transferred to Company I. Wounded. Resigned 3 Nov 1862. Sources: (WHS red book vol 20 p42,122) (Buslett p583) (Ager p50, english translation) (Gjertveit) (Meeker)

RUST, Nils

From Valders, Norway. Civil War: Private. Killed on the battlefield. Sources: (Ulvestad p326) “Rost, Nils”

RUST, Ole Hanson

WI 15th Inf Co I. Residence: Mitchell, Mitchell County, Iowa. He may have lived in Minnesota near this border town. Born 14 Sep 1834. Civil War: Age 26. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 18 Feb 1862 at Madison, Wisconsin, and mustered there on 3 Mar 1862. Private. Sick in Louisville, Kentucky, on 10, 11 and 12, Sep 1863. Sick in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 4 Jul 1864. Assigned to the Wisconsin 24th Infantry, 10 Feb 1865. Discharged from the service at Huntsville, Alabama, 13 Mar 1865, his term of service having expired. Post war: Died 19 Apr 1912. Buried at St. Ansgar, Iowa. Sources: (WHS red book vol 20 p134) (Buslett p607) (Ulvestad) (Meeker) (Ager p316) (Hedberg) “Ruste, Ole”

RUSTA, Andrew Arnesen

From Sondre Aurdal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Dane County, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)


From Telemarken, Norway. Spanish-American War: Private. Post war: Lived in Cass County, North Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)

RUSTAD, George

Spanish-American War: Private. Musician. Wounded. Post war: Lived at Kindred, North Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)


Civil War: Private. Post war: Cass County, North Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)


From Sogn, Norway. Civil War: Private. Served in Indian and Civil wars. Post war: Lived at Toano, Virginia. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)


WI 50th Inf Co K. Residence: Strong’s Prairie, Adams County, Wisconsin. Born 2 Feb 1847 in Faaberg, Gudbrandsdal, Norway, a son of Arne Rustad. Came to America in 1859, first to Muskego, Racine County, Wisconsin; then to Portage City, and finally to Adams County. Civil War: Blacksmith. Age 19. Blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 6'. Enlisted for one year on 8 Apr 1865 at La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mustered there the same day. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. Transferred here to the 50th from the WI 53rd Inf. Post war: In 1871, he married Emilie Erickson. They moved to Ottertail County, Minnesota. In 1898, they moved to Norge, James City County, Virginia. He died 17 Nov 1940. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 195-11,13) (VGC, Decorah Posten, 24 Jan 1941)

RUSTAD, Mortin

WI 12th Inf Co G. Born “Marten Simonsen Rustad” on 26 Oct 1839 at Nordre Rustaden, in Faaberg, Oppland, Norway. He was the son of Simen Olsen Rustad (b. 5 Mar 1809 on Nordre Rustaden) and Sissel Olsdatter Land (b. 26 Feb 1811 on Land, Faaberg). Simen and Sissel Rustad came to America in 1853, with their three sons and three daughters. Mortin was their youngest son. Civil War: Corporal. Post war: He was married 18 Aug 1867 to P:auline Iversdatter Hole (1846-1934). In 1907, “Morton Rustad” was living in Garfield, Wisconsin. Died 30 Dec 1933. Buried at New Hope Lutheran Cemetery, Iola, Wisconsin. Sources: (“Garder og plasser i Faaberg”, compiled by Tore Haugen, publ. Oplandets Arkiv, Lillehammer, 1993.) (Ulvestad p265) (J. R. Christianson, Decorah IA) (Fåberg of Lillehammer Utvandringe, Fåberg Historielag 1986. Copy at NAHA) (Wisconsin Cemetery Records) (Naeseth-Hedberg ’49-1906) “Rustad, Martin”

RUSTAD, Ole Johnson


RUSTAN, Martin

From Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived in Peru, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)

RUSTE, Allen Arnesen

From Bruflat, Sondre Aurdal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p326)

RUSTE, Christian

WI 15th Inf Co E. Residence: Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin. Born in Sondre Aurdal, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 17. Unmarried. Blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for three years on 9 Jan 1862 at La Crosse, Wisconsin, and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin, on 11 Jan 1862. Private. Died of nerve fever in hospital at Mississippi River Island No. 10 on 2 May 1862. Buried at Mississippi River National Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-7,15; red book vol 20 p78) (TAR) (Ager p277, photo; p305) (Buslett p492) (Ulvestad p326). “Ruste, Christen”


Residence: Washburn County, Wisconsin. From Lom, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Civil War: Corporal. Killed in a Battle. Sources: (Ulvestad p265)