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WI. Residence: Upper Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Born in Flekkefjord, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Vernon County, Wisconsin (before 1907). Sources: (Ulvestad p328) (“Coon Valley”, publ 1928 by Upper Coon Valley Norwegian Lutheran Church, Coon Valley, WI) “Skaaland, Reinhart”

SKAALAND, Reinert Larsen

See LARSEN, Reinert

SKAAR, Eilert N.

From Hardanger, Norway. Spanish-American War: Private. Wounded. Post war: Lived in Stevenson, Washington. Sources: (Ulvestad p328)

SKAAR, Jacob

See SKOR, Jacob


Spanish-American War: Private. Post war: Lived in Traill County, North Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p328)


Civil War: Private. Wounded. Post war: Lived at La Crosse County, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p328)


From Lærdals Prestegjeld, Sogn, Norway. Civil War: Private. Post war: Lived at Orland, South Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p328)




MN 7th Inf Co G. Residence: Preble, Fillmore County, Minnesota. Born at Hoyland, Finøy, Norway in 1828, a son of Jon Rasmusson and Signe Jakobsdatter, both of Rossoy under Hovda. Lived in Clayton County, Iowa, in the late 1850s. Married Malene Rasmusdatter Opsal (1838-1874) on 5 Apr 1857 at Fogn, Finnoy, Norway. They left for America on 10 May 1857. Civil War: Age 37. Enrolled 3 Sep 1864. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged from the service with his regiment, 16 Aug 1865. Post war: He lived at Flandreau, South Dakota, and he was collecting a pension. Died 18 Aug 1897 at Flandreau, South Dakota. Buried at Messiah Cemetery, Trent, South Dakota. Sources: (MINN p350) (MCIW p381) (Ulvestad p328) (Descendant John Erickson, La Crescent, Minnesota) “Skadsem, Ole Johnson.”


Spanish-American War: Private. Sources: (Ulvestad p328)


Civil War: Private. Lived at Mayville, North Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p329)


See MATTESON, Mattes

SKARO, Asgrim K.

MN 9th Inf Co D. Residence: St Peter, Minnesota. Born in Hol, Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway, 4 Jun 1829 (or 2 Jul 1828), son of Knud Ellingsen Skaro and Guro Eriksdatter. Came to America at age 19 on the “Tricolor”, which sailed from Christiania and reached New York on 25 Jul 1846. During the Mexican War, he was a private in the Army at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, from 1847 to 1852. In 1852, he went to what is now St. Peter, Minnesota, and staked a claim to land. He began living on it the following year. On 15 Sep 1857 he married Theodora Laumann. In July, 1858, about 50 young men organized a military company called “The St. Peter Guards” with Skaro as its captain. Civil War: In June 1861, the company was ordered to Fort Snelling to become MN 2nd Inf Co E. Captain Skaro led his men in actions against the Sioux, from 5 Jul 1861 until 20 Mar 1862, at which time he resigned because of illness. On 31 Aug 1862, Skaro enlisted again and was assigned to MN 9th Inf Co D. Killed while leading a charge in a battle near Nashville, Tennessee, 16 Dec 1864, a bullet through his right breast. Buried in Green Hill cemetery at St. Peter, Minnesota. Sources: (Lonn p261) (Ulvestad p256) (Naeseth ’46-555) (“History of the Scandinavians in the United States” by O. N. Nelson, publ. in Minneapolis, 1893, p488) (“Asgrim K. Skaro”, by Lawrence Molsather, a research paper; copy furnished by his son, Lawrence R. Molsather, Orono, Minnesota)


WI 48th Inf Co A. Residence: Norway Township, Racine County, Wisconsin. Born “Even Hansen Skari” on 6 Mar 1840 at Gran, Oppland, Norway, son of Hans Juelsen Skari and Mari Paulsdatter. He came to America at age ten with his parents and five siblings on the brig “Vesta”, sailing from Christiania and reaching New York on 28 Jun 1849. They came to Racine County, Wisconsin. Civil War: Farmer. Age 24. Blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’10”. Enlisted for one year on 15 Feb 1865 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and mustered there the same day. Bounty. Private. Mustered out 30 Dec 1865 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Post war: Married on 17 Jul 1869 to Karen Anna Christiansdatter Rødhammer (1849?-1933). Became a farmer in Bloomfield Township, Fillmore County, Minnesota. He died 25 Dec 1873 and is buried in Bloomfield Lutheran Cemetery. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 191-13; red book vol 53) (Naeseth-Hedberg ’49-476) “Skarie, Evan”


US Army. Born 25 Dec 1888 in Deset, Norway, son of Hans Skaret and Ella, both of Deset. First World War: Entered the Army at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Post war: Died of pneumonia on 6 Oct 1925 at Lake Preston, South Dakota, and is buried in the Lake Preston cemetery, block 4, lot 13, grave 8. Sources: (SDSHS WPA Veterans Cemetery Records, Kingsbury County)




Civil War: Private. Post war: Died in Lisbon, Illinois (before 1907) Sources: (Ulvestad p329)

SKATTEBO, Knud Eriksen

From Valders, Norway. Civil War: Private. Sources: (Ulvestad p329)


WI 52nd Inf Co D. Residence: Marquette, Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Born in Valders, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 34. Blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion, 5’5”. Enlisted for one year on 1 Mar 1865 at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Mustered 22 Mar 1865 at Madison, Wisconsin. Bounty $100, $33.33 paid. Private. On 30 Jun 1865, he was listed as sick in post hospital at Madison since 25 Apr 1865. Mustered out absent from his company, which was mustered out on 28 Jul 1865. Post war: Died in Gjerpen, Mnitowoc County, Wisconsin, in 1898. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 200-5,7) (Ulvestad p329)


MN 12th Inf Co I. Residence: Albert Lea, Minnesota. Born in Norway. Spanish-American War: Enrolled and mustered 2 Jul 1898 at Albert Lea. Private. In hospital 16 Aug to 8 Sep 1898. Furloughed 8 Sep to 8 Oct. Mustered out 5 Nov 1898 at New Ulm, Minnesota. Sources: (MSAW p182)

SKAVELDO, Knut Syversen

WI 15th Inf. From Slidre, Norway. Civil War: Private. Sources: (Ulvestad p329)