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TON, Andrew

IL Lt Arty Henshaw’s Battery. Residence: Mission, La Salle County, Illinois. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 25. Black eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5’5”. Enlisted for three years on 6 Oct 1862 at Ottawa, Illinois, and mustered there on 3 Dec 1862. Private. Mustered out with his Battery on 18 Jul 1865 at Springfield, Illinois. Sources: (ILSA reel 18 p41)

TONDER, Romsing

NY 1st Inf Co I. Residence: Brooklyn, New York. Civil War: Private. Sources: (Rygg p47)


From Hallingdal, Norway. Civil War: Private. Lived in Houston County, Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p336)

TONGEN, Peter Petersen

WI 27th Inf Co H. Residence: Wisconsin. Born in Lardal, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 20. Light hair, light complexion, 5’5”, stout build. Enlisted for three years on 6 Aug 1862 at Christiania, Wisconsin. Mustered 25 Oct 1862 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bounty $100, $75 still due at muster out. Private. Sick in hospital at Columbus, Kentucky, since 30 May 1863, according to Nov 1863 regimental report. Left sick at Helena, Arkansas, 13 Aug 1863. Sick in hospital at Mound City, Illinois, since 20 Sep 1863. Discharged from hospital 11 Feb 1864; rejoined the company 25 Feb 1864. Mustered out with company on 29 Aug 1865 at Brownsville, Texas. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 boxes 129-10,19; 130-10) “Tangen, Peter”


MN 1st Mounted Rangers. Indian War: Private. Sources: (Ulvestad p338)


From Flekkefjord, Norway. Spanish-American War: Private. Lived at Brunswick, Georgia. Sources: (Ulvestad p338)


From Flekkefjord, Norway. Civil War: Private. Lived at Portage County, Wisconsin. Sources: (Ulvestad p338)


WI 15th Inf Co G. Residence: Martell, Wisconsin. Born in Kristianssand, Norway. Civil War: Age 38. Married. Enlisted for three years on 4 Jan 1862 at Martell and mustered at Madison, Wisconsin. Private. Sick in Bridgeport, Alabama on 13 Sep 1863. Sick in Nashville, Tennessee, on 27 Sep 1863. Was with the provision transport from Stevenson, Alabama, in October 1863. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps 28 Apr 1864. Died in Hudson, Wisconsin, in 1906. Sources: (WHS Series 1200 box 76-9; red book vol 20 p106) (Buslett p546) (Ager p313) (Ulvestad p338)


TX CSA. Born “Tonnes Tonnesen” in or near Stavanger, Norway. Civil War: Died in Louisiana, presumed killed in action, during the war. Sources: (Ulvestad p 276) ( “Toneson, Tones”