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US Navy. Born 7 May 1922 in Vega, Norway. Second World War: Served in the South Pacific. Post war: Carpenter. Copmmercial fisherman in Alaska. On 2 Jun 1975, he was married to La Rene Teeter Quigley Hampton. Lived in Portland, Oregon. Moved to Cathlamet, Wahkiakum County, Washington, in 1981. Died there on 20 Jun 2004. Sources: (Obituary, The Longview Daily News, norway-l@rootsweb.com, by chantilly@tdn.com)


MN 2nd Cav Co H. Residence: Kasota, Nicollet County, Minnesota. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 41. Enrolled 5 Dec 1863. Mustered 4 Jan 1864. Quartermaster Sergeant. Served in Indian and Civil wars. Veteran. Discharged from the service with his company, 28 Apr 1866. Sources: (MINN p738) “Weber, John”