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IL Lt Arty Henshaw’s Battery. Residence: Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 28. Blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion, 6’2”. Enlisted for three years on 16 Oct 1862 at Ottawa and mustered there on 3 Dec 1862. Private. Mustered out with his Battery on 18 Jul 1865 at Springfield, Illinois. Sources: (ILSA reel 18 p41)


From Stavangerkanten, Norway. Civil War: Private. Lived in Benton County, Iowa. Died in 1898. Sources: (Ulvestad p340)

WELL, Jorgen

IL 82nd Inf Co I. Residence: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Born in Trondhjem, Norway. Civil War: Sailor. Age 25. Unmarried. Brown eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’6”. Enlisted for three years on 15 Aug 1862 at Chicago. Mustered 29 Oct 1862 at Camp Butler, Illinois. Private. Deserted (?) on 28 Sep 1863 at Columbus, Ohio. Sources: (ILSA reel 7 p74)

WELO, Oscar

His parents came from Hadeland, Norway. Spanish-American War: Private. Lived at Yankton, South Dakota. Sources: (Ulvestad p340)

WELSEY, Andrew T.

IL 36th Inf Co D. Residence: Lisbon, Kendall County, Illinois. Born in Norway. Civil War: Sailor. Age 37. Unmarried. Gray eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5’5”. Enlisted for three years on 15 Jul 1861 at Lisbon. Mustered 20 Aug 1861 at Aurora, Illinois. Private. Re-enlisted as a Veteran for three years on 1 Jan 1864 at Blanes Cross Road. Re-mustered 25 Jan 1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Discharged from the service 8 Oct 1865 at New Orleans, Louisiana. He was absent sick from D Company at the time of his discharge. Sources: (ILSA reel three p 62, 63) “Wilsey, Andrew”


MN Indian War: "Citizen Soldiers engaged in the Sioux Indian war of 1862". The Marine Guards of Washington County, Minnesota, organized at Marine, 4 Sep 1862, and served until 20 Sep 1862. Quartermaster Officer. Sources: (MCIW p797) (Ulvestad p253)

WELTZIN, Jacob Fredrik

Born 24 Dec 1821 at Etne, Norway, son of Joachim Weltzin and Siri Jonsdatter Dypebakken. Came to America on “Æger”, which sailed from Bergen and arrived in New York on 10 Jun 1837). Civil War: Sources: (Naeseth ’37-77)